My Favorites Monday: VSCO Cam

So if you’re anything like me, you are an aesthetic- obsessed Instagram junkie who wants their grid to look a certain way. Some go for the crisp, light- flooded “white walls” look, while others, like myself, go for the faded, vintage 35 mm feel. Despite Instagram having tons of filter options, I found that my photos weren’t coming out exactly how I wanted them to. photography - 7

Enter VSCO Cam.

VSCO is an app available for both iPhone and Android that allows you to edit your photos with greater precision, more comprehensive filters, and extremely user-friendly controls that give you the freedom to produce unique, professional looking photos.

One of the best things about VSCO is that it gives you awesome sharing options. Not only can you post your photos to Instagram directly from the app, but you’re able to post them to a photo grid, which can be seen by other users in the VSCO community. You can also use the journal option to add long-form text to your pictures, which is perfect for sharing some of the thousand words your photo is worth. photography - 11

Editing isn’t the only thing VSCO does either. The app comes with its own camera options, which only makes the smartphone photography experience that much better. VSCO’s camera includes:

  • Square Frame Shooting, lets you see how your photo would look once cropped on Instagram, which allows you to make the adjustments needed to get everything you want in the shot without having to sacrifice any parts of your image once you make your post. For more advanced photographers, VSCO helps you obey the “rule of thirds” with a grid option that can be accessed by double- tapping the Square Frame icon
  • White Balance Lock allows you to control the temperature (how blue or red your photo looks) before entering editing mode. I personally wouldn’t recommend this for those who are less knowledgeable about photography, but it is a cool trick that phone cameras don’t have.
  • You can control both the exposure and focus of your shot and even lock them (prevent them from changing) while shooting to get the perfect shot every time, regardless of environmental changes during your shoot. photography - 3

While VSCO offers tons of preset filters for those who want a creative edge without the hassle of editing, it also offers tons of manual editing options that help you get your photos looking exactly how you want them to.

Now that I’ve talked your head off about how great this app is, go download it from the App Store or Google Play!

All images shown were taken and edited by me


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