Leave Melania Trump Alone!


Okay, we get it: You don’t like Donald Trump. Neither do I. But regardless of how you feel about our 45th President, you absolutely have GOT to stop slut-shaming his wife, Melania.

“Celyra, what do you mean? How can you say that? His wife’s naked photos are all over the internet for everyone to see! That’s not becoming of a First Lady!”

melania_-_copie_13Before I tell you why you’re wrong, I need you all to understand something: Melania Trump did not marry Donald with the expectation that she would one day become First Lady of  the United States. She was a model. Models are naked all the time. Her nudity was part of the creative vision of the people who photographed her, and as a model, it was her job fulfill said vision. And not that it really, matters, but she’s serving Looks™ in those photos.

As I said in my post about Kim Kardashian’s naked photos, women are allowed to feel empowered by their sexuality. Melania Trump has built her livelihood around her body and the confidence with which she carries it, and that is certainly something to celebrate. She may not be a model anymore, but her photos represent a career not many people can or have the opportunity to pursue, and that’s impressive.

Some people have taken the step to compare her to my biggest role model, First Lady Michelle Obama, and comment on the obvious difference between the two:

“Michelle Obama is the most educated First Lady ever. How are we going to go from a lawyer with two Ivy League degrees to someone I’ve seen naked?”

Again, this is something I’ve already talked about. You cannot divide women into two camps like this. Brainiac v. Barbie Doll, is a dangerous, misogynistic practice that is at the root of a lot of the issues surrounding sexism. This is the same division that tells men (and a lot of the time, other women) which women deserve their respect and which do not. Which women get hired for the job and which women do not. Which women will be taken seriously by police when investigating rape charges, and which women will not.

The fact that I know what she looks like naked doesn’t subtract from the fact that she spent the last year and a half supporting her husband on something as demanding and stressful as a presidential campaign while simultaneously mothering her children- and (ignoring her highest form of flattery towards Michelle Obama at the RNC), she did so with the grace and class I expect from a First Lady.

You guys have decried the sexism that ran rampant in this campaign, and responded to the loss by being sexist yourselves. This transition isn’t going to be easy for anyone, but please be respectful and do not let your hatred for Donald Trump (and internalized misogyny) unfairly cloud your judgement of Melania before we’ve given her a chance to prove herself as First Lady.

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2 thoughts on “Leave Melania Trump Alone!

  1. I LOVED your post ‘What I Need My Republican…’ I read this and I was a bit disappointed. I don’t like Melania Trump. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she was a model. In fact, that’s her choice and I agree women should feel free to feel empowered by their sexuality. She looks hot, so rock it, more power to you.

    My issues with Melania are as follows:
    1. While her husband was running someone asked her in an interview what her hobbies were – she replied reading magazines. Someone with all the wealth she has (he has…) and she doesn’t have a hobby of say, volunteering or charity work. Nope, she reads Elle magazine and that’s the best response she can come up with in an interview whilst her husband is running for President.
    2. The idea she ‘didn’t sign up to be a First Lady’. Well frankly I think that’s worrying. Most couples make large career decisions TOGETHER. If she was not part of a joint decision to run, after discussing with the Don, well that really worries me.
    3. She’s a blatant plagiarizer. Its disgusting. Just as bad as cheating on an exam. Not a few thoughts, huge portions of that speech. Not cool.
    4. She’s not a feminist. She’s been on record saying oh Donald never changed Barron’s diapers, that’s not the role of a man, blah blah. Someone who is First Lady in 2016 is a blatant misogynist, and yes, women can be misogynists. That is very sad.
    5. She justifies her lack of involvement in the campaign (or anything really…) to her ‘full time parenting’. In the Harper’s interview she said ‘I don’t have a nanny. I have a chef, and I have my assistant, and that’s it. I do it myself.’ WHAT?!?! I have a chef and an assistant I do it myself. My word.

    If she’s some bird trapped in Donald’s golden cage (I shudder to think of how the White House will be redecorated…) then I truly feel bad for her. Maybe that is the case. Knowing what we know about him, that may well be the case. I read somewhere she’s been distancing herself from him. Not standing next to him on the podium when he gave his victory speech and no public appearances together is rather telling.

    This being said… in the interview with Anderson Cooper Melania Trump also made clear she doesn’t want sympathy. “I’m very strong. And people — they don’t really know me. People think and talk about me like, ‘Oh, Melania, oh poor Melania,'” she said. “Don’t feel sorry for me. Don’t feel sorry for me. I can handle everything,” she added.

    So I won’t feel bad for her. I think she’s complicit and I find her a disgusting example of what it is to be a woman in 2016. Many talented musicians and actors don’t CHOOSE fame, it is often the price of talent. Many people are vaulted to celebrity. Like it or not, that’s where she is. It would be great if she TRIED to be something worth of the title of First Lady and she’s got a LONG way to go there.


    1. 1. Again, she lived the lavish life of a trophy wife and socialite- and her lack of volunteer and charity work isn’t atypical of someone who lives that lifestyle. She’s essentially not any different from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What did you expect her to do, lie? Sure, she might have picked up something else when her husband started, but even he wasn’t prepared to appear presidential.

      2. It’s not at all your place to decide whether or not the dynamic of her marriage is palatable. Some women prefer to follow their husbands over a cliff, and as a woman I’m not supposed to tell her that she needs to have an egalitarian marriage because it’s what I think it should be. Her career is essentially being Donald Trump’s wife- that’s what she does for a living. He might have asked her permission, and she might have felt obliged as his wife to support him. He might not have, we don’t know, nor is it our place to speculate on their marital dynamic.

      3. If you think she had any hand in writing that speech, I apologize for your lack of understanding of the campaign process. Politicians and presidential candidates pay lots of money for professional speech writers, and much of the time only bring finished speeches to their orators for approval of sentiments and content. Melania’s English is nowhere near the level required to write a speech that would be approved by the Trump campaign.

      4. The core of feminism is giving women the freedom to determine how they want to live their lives without judgement. She’s foreign, and her thoughts on gender roles are very much in line with her cultural values. Feminism does not mean that every woman needs to be an RBG, Michelle, or HRC. Feminism is about CHOICE.

      5. Again, there’s the potential that politics doesn’t interest her and motherhood is her escape from the absolute fuckery of this election. Perhaps she wasn’t as confident her husband would win and chose to cling to her last bit of normalcy.

      The point is to give her a chance to BE the first lady.


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