About Me

Up until this point, I’ve kept me, the person, separate from me, the writer. Anonymity was my preferred way to do that, as I took comfort in the fact that I could remove myself from whatever opinions (or not so perfect writing) I posted to this page. What changed for me was the realization that I’m extremely proud of the woman I’ve become since creating this blog and I want to take ownership of who I am and what I create.

With that being said, my name is Celyra Workman and I’m a senior at the University of Central Florida. I love all things French, art, music, travel, and coffee. I just received my first law school acceptance and I’m uncharacteristically optimistic about what’s to come. So hi, and thanks for coming along for the ride.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Loved your last post. Extremely well-written and a much needed piece for the world in this nightmare that has officially become real. Keep doing what you do.

    Best regards,

    A Canadian living in Japan.


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