Art Talk: Victoria de Lessepes

There are very few things I am guilty of, and being a fan of The Real Housewives of New York is definitely one of them. Over the years we’ve watched friendships form and fizzle, wealthy women’s wild nights, and surprisingly, the birth of a wonderful artist.

Victoria de Lesspes.

The New York artist started showing her art on the show when she was just barely a teenager, and as she got older, her talent blossomed. Now, at 20 years old, her talent is being recognized and praised in the art world, earning her a featured spot in Milk and Night’s feminism in art’ gallery at 2014’s Art Basel in Miami.

Victoria’s art is modern, moving, and very much guided by focus on the beauty of the female form. Through her work runs a decidedly feminist motif, celebrating women and their bodies in all their naked glory.

Victoria is currently studying at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, focusing on graphic design, fashion design, and animation. She also does freelance work as a graphic designer, working with BEX Lingerie. 

Victoria has a great eye for line and how to effectively use negative space to make her work really stand out and speak to you. Being someone who frequents the fashion scene, the influence of design sketch is more than evident in her work.

I see great things ahead for the talented, young, up and comer, and encourage you to keep up with her work on her website.


Art Talk Tuesday: Meagan Cignoli

“Do it for the Vine” has become part of the cultural lexicon in the age of the millenial, and what used to be a little known clip posting app has become a social media titan in what feels like six seconds.

From pranks and comedy skits, to viral dance crazes, vine has proven itself as a unique platform for artists of all kinds. For me, this is especially true of award winning photographer, director, and over all creative badass Meagan Cignoli. 

From the onset of Vine’s climb to social media domination, Meagan Cignoli saw the app for what it truly was, yet another canvas for her bright and beautiful short form films to reach the masses. Meagan’s videos are playful, quirky, and very well made, which has earned her opportunities to work with leading brands like Coca Cola, Dolce & Gabbana, Disney, as well as several awards including  “Digital Entrepreneur of the Year” at the 2014 Hubbies and a Cannes Lion award.

Her unique take on (and accidental discovery of) stop motion takes the whimsy of animation and combines it with the skill and meticulousness of still photography to create truly beautiful landscapes frame after frame.

With a keen eye for design, Meagan describes her process in an interview with Wired Magazine as “an exploration of aesthetics” rather than an animation process, and this is evident in her always balanced color schemes and music selection (which is absolutely amazing btw).

When she’s not working with YSL or Gap, Meagan is also an avid Instagrammer, proving to us that she is queen when it comes to all things visual media. 

I encourage all of you to follow her on Vine, Instagram, and Twitter, and to check out her website to see what this dynamo is up to next!